Up-to-date Contacts
through Telephonic Research

Despite the increasing flood of advertising, only organisations that keep their personalised contact data and position identifications up to date can attract new potential customers.

It is important to note that for some branches (i.e. for IT-Service or Conference and Seminar Organisers) personalised address material and a well-defined target group will result in a higher success rate.

Unfortunately there are only few, if any, contact data bases in the market that match specific client and target group needs. Contact data for a defined target group is usually only available in small batches. This means that many contact data providers are unable to provide the necessary volume that clients require.

Active harvesting of new contact data via direct out-bound telephone calls enables the supply of any specific contact data our clients require. This is particularly profitable for clients who want to target very specific groups or industry sectors.

Our customers are often surprised about the efficient and flexible methods we use to gain new useful contacts. Our success rate in obtaining specific contact details via telephone is over 90%. However we only charge for the actual data we supply.