International Contact Management
for Global Markets

Would you like to update your international contact data or do you want to open up new markets
and enlarge your contact data pool? Through our extensive market knowledge
we can deliver any type of target group contact data.

One of our standard offerings is the contact search in the USA and in Asia.

Based on your specifications, we compile the relevant contact listings and research / obtain
the details of the specified targeted persons (i.e. Purchasing Managers or Managing Directors).
We validate the correctness of the contact information via telephone.

All contact data we obtain regardless of country of origin (i.e. Germany, European countries; USA or Asian countries) are treated with the same qualitative and regulatory diligence.

In consideration of the various national address formats, we offer you the full range of our service range in contact management.

Through a questionnaire specifically developed by us and with the assistance of our 'native language speakers' we can customise any address format (including target person and job title, etc.) to maximise the success rate of your mailing campaign.