Successful Online Advertising
via High Quality Contact Data

An increasing number of organisations use online advertising as a marketing tool. In some companies electronic newsletters and advertising messages have all but displaced
the classic print mail methods.

However, eMarketing requires very specific attention and sensibility. It is important to find out what the exact legal requirements are in the country one is intending to conduct an eMarketing campaign and to observe these legal requirements.

The sending of e-mail for advertising purposes in Germany, as in many other countries, is strictly regulated. E-mails can only be sent to recipients that have previously given their consent to receive them (Permission-Marketing). This means any such e-mails should always contain an opt-in or opt- out option to allow the recipient to exercise his/her choice in receiving advertising information from the sender.

Permission email marketing is an ethical method that you can use to run your emarketing campaign, where spamming is unethical. People do not want thousands of emails sent to them that they have not asked for. Permission based marketing allows you to attract targeted customers. We customize Germany Business Executives Email Lists according to your requirements and offer highly targeted Opt-in emails (permission emails) and mails to maximize your ROI and improve conversions.