Effectively gaining new Customers
through Contact Hire

Our ongoing telephonic contact research has generated a large business database of contacts that covers a range of specific target groups.

These contacts are regularly maintained and updated through our staff. This means that through this large pool of quality contact data we can offer you a variety of targeted profiles.

Please note that we do not just offer you specifically selected data for purchase (i.e. by branch; number of employees; job title; region; etc.), we also offer these mailing lists on a hire basis. This is of particular interest for clients who only require specific contact data for a once off test mailing or other infrequent initiatives used for winning new customers.

Apart from the lesser costs involved, data hire means that you do not need to spend any effort in updating and maintaining the contact data.

If you feel that your mailing campaign has provided you with the desired response rate, we offer you the option to purchase the hired contact data for permanent use at a later stage. Any hire costs paid by you up to this point will be taken into consideration.