Up- to-date Data Bases for
successful Dialog Marketing

Many businesses try to maintain and expand their contact data bases on their own.
However the effort required keeping even a small data base up-to-date and relevant, can be time consuming. Due to a lack of the required personnel resources, such data bases
are often neglected.

RB Information Services will assist you in maintaining your mailing lists and keeps it up-to-date.

Apart from the regular up-dates of your data you will also need to ensure that your data is maintained using standards that determine the success of any future mailings.

In principle all contact data should be stored in a uniform systematic format.
A basic contact data entry for a business consists of the business name with company type designation (i.e. Pty Ltd; Ltd; GmbH; etc) the street name, building number,
location, postcode, country and telephone number(s).

In order to enable specific targeting of individuals a correct name and job title are of particular significance. Additionally it is important to ensure that data fields within the data base are properly designed and that incorrect characters, double entries and other oddities are eliminated. This will ensure that mail outs will be addressed properly and that they will be delivered as required.

Our staff have many years of experience in the set up and maintenance of contact data bases and will ensure that your data is maintained to the highest quality standards.